Pocketpak Specification F5 | Pocket Filters


Air filters shall be the POCKETPAK extended surface pocket filter type, model no. P6 – 666 – F5


The filter media shall be 350g/m2 lofted continuous polyester fibre.

The individual pockets manufactured from the above shall be fully sonically welded on all edges and along inflation control seperators then joined together by same process.

The effective filter media shall be less than 5 m2.

The initial pressure drop at a flow rate of 3400m3/hr shall not be more than 60Pa.

The efficiency of the media shall be 45 – 50% ASHRAE / EU5


The support grid shall be manufactured from 4mm diameter galvanized steel spot welded together.

The joined pocket assembly shall be glued to the periphery of the support grid.


The enclosing frame shall be the PAK FRAME modular type, the components manufactured from corrosion resistant steel with a minimum thickness of 0,5mm.

The PAK FRAME sides shall have returned edges of at least 10mm for extra strength and safety when handled.

The PAK FRAME 90 corner pieces shall guarantee during manufacture that the finished filters are always square.

The inside periphery of the enclosing frame shall be permanently bonded to the media pack with expanded urethane thus eliminating the possibility of air bypass.

A permanent identification and airflow direction label shall be affixed to the filter frame.

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